An internal double degree that merge Business and Design.


PSSD&ME is an internal double degree of Politecnico di Milano, between Product Service System Design and Management Engineering. In a world that is continuously changing, design and innovation are the main source of renewal and prosperity. They are necessary for society, to address the challenges of sustainability in a hyper-connected and complex world. On one side design, as the set of capabilities that enable to envision new possibilities that are more meaningful to people, related more specifically to products, services, communication, and space. On the other side, Management, as the set of capabilities to transform the idea of a new ecosystem into a source of economic valued growth, and as the ability to envision new business models.

PSSD&ME is the double degree that expresses both capabilities, merging these 2 perspectives and different sensibilities. It’s simultaneously ongoing for designers and engineers, as an integrated offering (class, reflection). It’s not a design course with a flavor of management engineering or a management engineering course with a flavor of design, but really absorbing the two ways of thinking by being immersed in two different schools with other “neat pedigree” students. It is  targeted to international prospects. It lasts 2.5 years, and the selection process for both parts is done in the first semester of the first year. The evaluation is based on a two stage process: screening and colloquium.

Detailed informations about the programme here.