All the opportunities for the professional figures we create.


Graduates in PSSD are innovation experts in the so-called product-service system, a combination of products, services, spaces, people, communication and digital artifacts in which innovative and sustainable design solutions, experiences and brand identities take shape.

The graduate student finds a place in the professional system by bringing strategic skills aimed at developing products, communication, space and relationship systems by means of integrated design processes. Laurea Magistrale in Product-Service System Design graduates find valuable career opportunities in all professional and corporate activities in the field of design that operate in international and multidisciplinary contexts. In particular, graduates can work as freelance professionals, be employed in professional studios or work as consultants in design studios, consulting agencies and companies of all sizes. They may also find employment in the public administration and in research institutions and bodies. Product-Service System Design education also gives students the entrepreneurial skills they need to stimulate new business start-ups.

The professional figures cover a wide range: from design consultants that perceives the sense of their choices and the responsibility of their designs, to service designers that change the service value and the user engagement paradigms in private and public contexts. Between these also social innovators, able to lead communities to innovate and design new welfare services and solutions with social impact. Brand managers and art directors that design and revamp brands with a new voice and a new life as well as innovation experts that coordinate the development of new products, services or processes. With a managerial background, PSSD students can become project managers, organizing work flows smoothing conflicts and pitfalls, and changing the way companies generate value and meaning.