All informations you need for applying to PSSD.

Admissions to Master Program is open to graduates with a recognized degree, at least at bachelor level in Design or a relevant post-graduate work experience with design background. The candidate is required to provide a portfolio. The application requires only a few steps.

For Students with a University qualification obtained in Italy, the application process consists on:

  • Online registration in order to obtain the credentials (personal code and password) to access the online application form.
  • Online application of required documents. The online application consists of 6 steps: Educational background, Programme selection, Language Certificate, Documents upload, Other information, Processing personal data.
  • Online submission of required documents. Please note that all applications’ procedures have no fees. After the submission, you can check the status of your application, by accessing the Online Services, with your student identification number (person code) and your password.

For Students with a University qualification obtained outside Italy, the application process consists on:

  • On-line application and submission of required documents.
  • If the application is positively evaluated, the candidate will have to contact the Italian Diplomatic Representative, in order to start the enrollment at Politecnico and to obtain the student visa (for Non-EU students).
  • Enrollment. By the middle of September students must arrive to conclude the enrollment procedure at the university and submit the study plan.

Tuition Fees:

  • For EU Students regular fees are based on students’ family income and the study plan presented, they range approximately from €900 to €3,900 per year.
  • For Non-EU students regular fees are approximately €3,900 per year.

Detailed informations about application here.

What we look for in students?

  • Students that combine analysis and synthesis.
  • Students that are passionate and curious for innovation as for traditions and cultural roots.
  • Students that are ready to assume the responsibility of their design solutions.
  • Students that do not feel afraid for complex and hard design challenges.
  • Students that are available to explore their self-entrepreneurial soul.
  • Students that interact with other cultures absorbing something by everyone.
  • Students that feel the quake to visualize the unvisualizable.
  • Students that are available to work hard playing hard.
  • Students that think problems not as losing games.
  • Students that feel changing missions in their life.