The Advisory Board helps improving the quality of the Master of Science in PSSD.

The “PSSD Advisory Board” is an initiative of the Direction of the Master of Science program in Product Service System Design and of the Direction of the School of Design of Politecnico di Milano. Its aim is to provide non-binding strategic advice to the master programme, with particular regard to the interpretation of today designer skills and the identification of opportunities and expectations of the job context, in order to better define the profile of the graduate student and therefore of the training programme the master provides.

Therefore, PSSD Advisory Board on the one hand is aimed at supporting the teaching staff at Polimi to understand what companies, design agencies and other design related organisations are requiring from young graduates, and, on the other, thinking and promoting together with the School fresh opportunities for students, during their academic career (workshops, projects, internships, etc.) and afterwards (real job positions).

By creating a community of interest around the Master Degree, the PSSD Advisory Board aims to support overall a better training that is up-to-date, centred on the requests of the market but also capable of proposing new visions for future design professionals.

Aleggiani Daniela Brand and Corporate Communications. Secretary-General 3M and Fondazione 3M
Alessi Chiara Design Consultant – Journalist and Design Critic Self employed
Aricò Marzia Head of Insight Livework
Attoma Giuseppe Founder Attoma
Barcucci Sabina Design consultant Self employed
Bartolomeo Matteo Chief Executive Officer a|impac
Boiano Raffaele Co-founder Fifth Beat
Boni Gianluca Shareholder IMPRIMA Spa
Capuani Michele Co-Founder and President EXSTRA
Castellini Lorenzo Founder Future Fond
Carmi Stefano Group Design & Architecture Director Autogrill
Carraro Carlo President H Farm Education
Cibic Aldo Founder Cibic&Partners
Confalonieri Alessandro Head of Service Design Doing
Curtolillo Pietro Head of Customer Journey and Research Generali
Di Liberto Fabio Brand Director ISKO – Sasko textil
Edelman Jonathan Visiting professor Hasso Plattner Institute
Favini Cristina Strategist and Manager of Design Logotel
Ferri Giordana Executive Director Fondazione Housing Sociale
Gabellieri Gioia Scientific Director Il Giardino delle immagini.
Galasso Sergio Co-founder Itinerari Paralleli
Giglio Marco Managing Director Design and Engineering BCG Platinion
Girotti Enrico Head of Design Digital Accademia – H-Farm
Grillo Antonio Head of UX/Service Design Digital Entity – NTT Data Italia
Jégou François Director Strategic Design Sceanarios
Ligi Chiara Co-founder and Project Lead Film Live Association
Loparco Gianluca Digital Transformation Leader Deloitte Digital, Milano
Lou Yongqi Dean College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University
Mainieri Marta Founder Collaboriamo!
Mango Carlo Managing director Cariplo Factory
Manzini Ezio President DESIS Network
Marelli Ilaria Founder Studio Marelli
Marinoni Elena Head of Trend Research NextAtlas
Masserdotti Alessandro Co-founder – Interaction/service designer – UX designer – CTO Dot dot dot
Mattei Maria Grazia Director MGM digital /MEET
Nannini Marco President and CEO Impact Hub
Pais Ivana Professor Università Cattolica – Trailab
Peretti Griva Pier Paolo Partner MIDA Counseling
Pratesi Costanza Head of Environmental Sustainability and External Relations FAI Fondo Ambiente Italiano
Pierandrei Fabrizio Founder and Partner Pierandrei Associati
Riva Marco Partner Open Incet
Rogel Liat Founder and president HousingLab
Ronchi Marco CEO Twig Agency
Rossi Giuseppe Executive Director, Real Estate Development Bizzi & Partners S.p.A.
Ruggieri Lorenzo Expert Associate Partner ADAPT – Bain & Company
Samorè Francesco Secretary-General Fondazione Bassetti
Saracino Francesca Head Career Service Politecnico
Sergio Fabio Regional Design Director, EALA Fjord
Sgaragli Fabio Open & Social Innovation Manager Fondazione Brodolini
Tajani Cristina Councillor for Labour Policies, Economic Development, Commerce and Human Resources, Municipality of Milano Comune di Milano
Thorsteinsson Sigurdur Partner – Chief Creative Officer Design group Italia
Tralli Lidia Service Design Lead Fjord
Vanderbeeken Mark CEO Experientia
Vidari Federico Senior Digital Consultant Antreem
Vignoli Matteo Assistant Professor University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
Vitali Daniele Partner & Strategist Spark Reply
Zappalorto Marco Senior Innovation Expert VVA – Valdani Vicari & Associati