The Advisory Board helps improving the quality of the Master of Science in PSSD.

The PSSD Advisory Board is an initiative of the Master of Science program in Product Service System Design and of the School of Design of Politecnico di Milano. Its aim is to provide non-binding strategic advice to the master programme, with particular focus on the interpretation of the evolution of design skills and the identification of opportunities and expectations of the job context, in order to better define the profile of the graduate student and therefore of the training programme the master provides.

Therefore, the PSSD Advisory Board is aimed at supporting teaching staff at Polimi to understand what companies, design agencies and other design related organisations are requiring from young graduates, and thinking and promoting together with the School opportunities for students during their academic career (workshops, projects, internships, etc.) and beyond (real job positions).

By creating a community of interest around the Master Degree, the PSSD Advisory Board aims to support overall a better training that is up-to-date, centred on the requirements of an evolving job market but also capable of proposing new visions for future design professionals.

Stefano Bianchini

Experience Planning
- Samsung Research, Experience and Insight Lab

Program Coordination, Design Research, Design Strategy, Experience Envisioning, Planning, Prototyping, Tech Enablers Definition, Cross Team PoC Coordination, Experience Staging, Testing

Raffaele Boiano

- Fifth Beat SRL

Design Driven Innovation, User Experience, Product & Service Sustainability, Business Transformation

Laura Bordin

Head of Design - PagoPA S.p.A.; Professor of UX Design, Interaction Design, and Design Thinking - H-Farm

Service Design, UX Design, User Centered Design, Digital Design, Team Manager, Public Services

Alberto Colorni Vitale

President - Milan Committee of UNICEF; Professor (non-tenured) - Politecnico di Milano, Design Department

Mathematical Modeling, Environment and Territory, Mobility and Transportation, Service Design, Multimedia Dducation, Child and Adolescent Rights, Children's Projects, Advocacy Activities, Fundraiser

Alessandro Confalonieri

Design Director - Innovation Strategy and Design, Frog, Part of Capgemini Invent

Service Design, Design Process, Design Thinking

Luca Foresti

- Centro Medico Santagostino

Management, Healthcare

Erich Giordano

Head of Business Development
- Nextatlas

Foresight, Strategy, Market Intelligence, Target Analysis

Antonio Grillo

Executive Design Director
- Tangity

Design Practice Devolution, Strategic Development, Inclusine Design, Design Responsibility, Systemic Design

Marta Mainieri

- Collaboriamo

Community Design, Community Strategy, Platform Design, Innovation Design

Katy Mogal

UX Research Leadership
- Google Assistant

AI, UX research

Roberta Motter

Head of Customer Journey & Insights
- Generali Italia

Customer Experience, Design for People, Design for Business, Collaboration

Marihum Pernia Parra

Design & Innovation Director
- eFM Spa.

Mission & Vision Strategy, AI and Blockchain, Business Innovation Strategy, B2C/B2B Platform Sevitization, Agile Development, Composable Platform Principles, Digital Transformation

Marco Maria Pedrazzo

Strategic Design

Service Design, Content Design, UI/UX Design, Business Design, Organization Design, Design-ops

Liat Rogel

Direttrice - Fondazione
Impact Housing Project Manager - Comune di Milano

Housing, Social Innovation, Circular Economy, Impact

Gaia Romani

- Comune di Milano

Civic Services, General Services, Participation Policies, Statistics and Decentralisation Policies

Rossella Sacco

- Forum Terzo Settore città di Milano

Welfare, Social Enterprise, Associations, Voluntary work

Francesca Teresa Saracino

Head of Career Service
- Politecnico di Milano

Vocational Guidance, Employer Branding, Career Development

Roberta Tassi

Founder and Design Director
- Oblo

Design Research, Service Strategy, System Thinking, Visual Mapping

Lidia Tralli

Service Design Director
- Design Group Italia

Service Design, Design Management, Customer Experience, Design Research

Chiara Torti

Head of Service Design, UX & Agile Centers of Excellence

- Eni spa

Design Thinking, Design Innovation, Digital Product Design, Agile