Master Degree in PSSD

(Product-Service System Design)

School of Design, Politecnico di Milano

Some subjects, more than others, are more suitable to the internationalization process. Politecnico di Milano registers, every year, a growing interest from international students in its university design courses.

At the same time, many Italian students enrolled at the Design School show an interest in supplementing their courses of study with international experiences, conscious of the importance of having experiences abroad.

It is within this framework, characterized by a growing international student mobility and the recognition of the important role that Milan plays in design culture, that the Master Degree in Product-Service System Design, in English language, was launched for both Italian and international students.

Design Flavour

Innovative Teaching

PSSD teaching covers a variety of subject and different output. Students in PSSD have an understanding of the systemic dimension of contemporary artifacts, perceived as an indivisible whole of products, services, spaces, people, communication and digital artefacts; they learn an ability to design product-service systems in a strategic way capable of governing and channelling change and innovation in an evolutionary way, in line with the changing context and the sustainability challenge; lastly, an inter-disciplinary approach among different disciplinary fields that is, nowadays, a crucial skill in the problem definition and resolution phases.

Educational Path

Outgoing Profiles

With its wide network of partners around the world, Politecnico di Milano and the Master in Product Service System Design lists a lot of different type of experiences and opportunities. Over programmes such as Erasmus, Bilateral Exchanges and Workshops, this Master has 2 unique Double Degrees.

The first one offers to a selection of students to access and join Tongji University in Shanghai. The second one, internal at Politecnico di Milano, is established between PSSD and Management Engineering, with the objective of developing an ability to conceive innovative business models and guide and implement development processes involving a range of actors in the business system in selected participants.

International Mobility

Politong Double Degree

PSSD&ME Double Degree

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