The complete programme description of the study path.


The Product Service System Design master degree programme, taught in English language, is designed for Italian and international students interested to follow a multidisciplinary and multicultural design programme. It is a second level laurea programme, with no continuity with previous programmes, responding to wide ranging student interest, and not solely in geographical terms but also in educational terms (product, interior, communication, fashion, furniture, interaction and service design) to continue their studies within design disciplines widening their vision and ability to act in systemic terms.

The programme involves alternating theory and practice that encourages the application to real situations of the knowledge gained and the concentration of theory courses and design laboratories with the intention of facilitating the efficacy and coherence of learning activities. A further objective is to transfer skills related to states of being and not simply knowledge and know-how.


The first semester involves foundation courses aimed at training and nurturing students’ ability to understand cultural contexts, thought systems, problem setting & solving, user-experience & interaction design. Furthermore, optional courses will be provided in order to allow, from one side, foreign participants to get closer to the culture and history of Italian design, on the other side, to go into details of issues associated with business innovation. As preparatory part to the laboratory activities, the master includes a support and qualification course for group work. From the second semester, alongside in-depth study of the topic about the innovation of services in a design context and about product-service visualization and prototyping methods, there are the “Design Seminars”, intensive seminars in which international professors and professionals share their educational and design experiences with students.

Year 1:

  • Teambuilding
  • History of Design  or Business Innovation
  • Design Methods
  • UX-Design
  • Innovation Studio
  • Service Design and Innovation
  • Visualization and Prototyping
  • Product Service System Design Studio (Spatial Design or Service Design)
  • Design Seminar

The Final Synthesis Studio (LSF – Laboratorio di Sintesi Finale), finally, in the first semester of the second year, is characterised by a balanced and fully integrated approach to the diverse components of the product-service system. It completes the programme’s design activities with specific skills relating to business management and modelling to facilitate a greater ability to face complex problems. The elective courses along all the second year will conclude the study path, designed to transmit specific and in-depth innovation skills of an economic, social or cultural type.

Year 2:

  • Final Synthesis Design Studio
  • Two Elective Courses
  • Internship + Final Interview
  • Thesis Development