A challenging and unique opportunity in Shanghai.


POLITONG is the double degree program with Tongji University – College of Design and Innovation in Shanghai, China, tailored on PSSD students. It allows to get two degree by adding 30 credits to the PSSD academic curriculum. The Politecnico di Milano students  will take 2.5 years for a total of 150 ECTS credits leaving Milan at the end of the 1st semester of the 2nd year to Shanghai where they may spend up to 3 semester (2 mandatory +1 optional). The program foresees the exchange of 7 students. The selection of the students enrolled in PSSD (Product Service System Design) takes place during the 1st year of the Master, according to the Politecnico double degree call. PSSD students will attend courses at Tongji University in English, they will do the internship in selected companies and professional practices and they will develop the final thesis tutored by a Tongji professor and co-tutored by a Politecnico di Milano one. The thesis will be presented both in Tongji (or via Skype form Italy in case of a  2 semester exchange) and in Politecnico di Milano once back in Italy.

“An opportunity that reveal who you really are and what you really want”.